I am so impatient

Baby clothes are washed and packed away, hospital bags are ready…when will baby be ready?

I’ve been carrying this baby for 38 weeks and now I am growing fatter hugely impatient to get this show on the road.  It’s kinda silly really.  Maybe it’s because I feel ready now.  Everything is done and waiting.  And as much as I am loving having time to relax I am getting rather bored of being home by myself every day.  I used to sit at my desk at work and dream of all the things that I could be doing if I were at home and now that I am I can’t think of a single thing worth doing.  I clean.  I watch movies.  I read.  I cook.  Blah blah blah.  I get bored.  So I wait…and drive myself insane wondering when this baby will choose to come into the world.  When he is ready.  Yes, I know that.  When he is ready!

Are you ready yet baby?


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One response to “I am so impatient

  1. I hear ya! Must be so exciting! Maybe go for a waddle, I mean, walk outside. Doesn’t that bring on a baby? Or do something crafty – make a mess. Bake something new, maybe. Or go to the hairdressers so you look stunning in your post labour pics.
    Hang in there, he’ll get the idea soon. xx

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