Breast feeding is really hard!

I think the biggest surprise I have had since Zac was born is how difficult breast feeding can be. I knew that I was going to have to work at it, I just didn’t realize it would be this hard. We have had issues with supply and attachment and whilst things are getting better, we’re still not there yet. Every feed is an ordeal of breast time, bottle (mostly expressed breast milk but sometimes formula) and then pumping time. It’s exhausting! I really want to exclusively breast feed so it’s been quite disheartening having to give him formula to top him up. But he’s happy and healthy and that’s the main thing. I just hope we can get this all sorted before my darling husband goes back to work in a couple of weeks time because I’m certainly not going to be able to keep all this up on my own.




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3 responses to “Breast feeding is really hard!

  1. Yeah, it’s full on. I gave up after 5 days with my son, when I got mastitis, and had three days in hospital. I never went back to it. I also never went back to having more babies, lol! Breast feeding was so not my thing. Or his. He was always pretty healthy though. And he is a happy, healthy, 13 year old now. (In other words, I fully understand if you decide to turn to the bottle. With him that is, not you, lol! Oh, you can tell it’s after midnight.)

  2. it is really tough going, and it’s very disheartening when things don’t go super well.
    i’m not sure what the nature of your attachment issues are, but i found that using a nipple shield has helped SO MUCH with arty’s. it literally gives him more to put in his mouth, so he is able to suckle much more effectively.
    we were having to express and bottle feed before we tried the shields, and i know how exhausting it is. it definitely made me understand why many people stop trying to bf and just use formula.
    i hope it’s getting easier for you x

    • Yes we used nipple shields as well and they were a lifesaver! We’ve stopped using them in the past couple of weeks and all is now good 🙂 I think we’ve finally got the whole feeding thing sorted which is a big relief! Hope your little man is doing well 🙂

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