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I’m back!

It’s been a very long time since I have been here but I am back. Well, I’m trying to be back. It’s such a cliche to say that everything changes when you have a child, but it is most definitely true. Life is totally different but richer, brighter, more rewarding. My beautiful boy is now 20 months old and is now a walking, talking little whirlwind. Everyday with him is exciting and crazy and exhausting. We have lots of fun together and I am loving spending this time with him and watching him grow. I feel very lucky.

So life has been all about him for a while. Now I’m trying to make it a little bit more about me again as well.



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Well I’m still here. Not blogging very often obviously but having a newborn kinda takes up all of my time.

Little Zac is doing well and I’m totally smitten with him. He’s just started smiling and boy is that adorable! Today I left him (with his Dad, not on his own!) for the first time to go and have my hair done. It was nice to have a bit of time to myself but I was so happy to be home again. I smothered him in kisses to the point where I’m sure he was thinking geez woman, you were only gone for 2 hrs! I’m so glad I don’t have to go back to work anytime soon!

I can’t promise I’ll post again soon but I will certainly try!



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Breast feeding is really hard!

I think the biggest surprise I have had since Zac was born is how difficult breast feeding can be. I knew that I was going to have to work at it, I just didn’t realize it would be this hard. We have had issues with supply and attachment and whilst things are getting better, we’re still not there yet. Every feed is an ordeal of breast time, bottle (mostly expressed breast milk but sometimes formula) and then pumping time. It’s exhausting! I really want to exclusively breast feed so it’s been quite disheartening having to give him formula to top him up. But he’s happy and healthy and that’s the main thing. I just hope we can get this all sorted before my darling husband goes back to work in a couple of weeks time because I’m certainly not going to be able to keep all this up on my own.



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He is here!

Zachary Mark was born on February 4 at 3.43am weighing 3360g and 48cm long. He is perfect and wonderful and I couldn’t love more. We are slowly adjusting to being a family. This first week has been huge and exhausting but we are loving it.



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Still waiting


Well, this baby doesn’t seem to want to come out on his own so the doctor is inducing me tomorrow.  I’m really glad to have made it over 40 weeks though considering I’ve had a couple of issues in the last couple of months – namely high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.  I’m really excited and terrified at the same time.  I can’t wait to meet my little guy but I’m so anxious about what’s going to happen.  The wonder of the internet means it is really easy to freak yourself out by over-researching things.   And people just love to share their horror stories – especially when it comes to child birth!  Seriously ladies, why do we enjoy scaring each other?!  It’s crazy.

Anyway…I guess I’ll see you on the flip-side!  Eeek!


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This week

This week I will keep myself busy (and not wondering when this baby is going to make it’s grand entrance into the world) by doing these things:

  • Paint my nails
  • Iron a whole heap of my husband’s clothes
  • Bake some muffins
  • Finish hand sewing the binding on the baby pram quilt
  • Watch some movies
  • Buy a label maker
  • Get my fringe trimmed
  • Do some washing
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Read
  • Learn how to curl my hair
  • Walk


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I am so impatient

Baby clothes are washed and packed away, hospital bags are ready…when will baby be ready?

I’ve been carrying this baby for 38 weeks and now I am growing fatter hugely impatient to get this show on the road.  It’s kinda silly really.  Maybe it’s because I feel ready now.  Everything is done and waiting.  And as much as I am loving having time to relax I am getting rather bored of being home by myself every day.  I used to sit at my desk at work and dream of all the things that I could be doing if I were at home and now that I am I can’t think of a single thing worth doing.  I clean.  I watch movies.  I read.  I cook.  Blah blah blah.  I get bored.  So I wait…and drive myself insane wondering when this baby will choose to come into the world.  When he is ready.  Yes, I know that.  When he is ready!

Are you ready yet baby?

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